Tim Rees: Rees’ Pieces

For many people, finding a place that's peaceful and serene is the goal. They want to live in a place where the fast paced, often chaotic city life is distant. There will probably be a bit of a culture shock that comes with the move depending on how you've lived, but for peace of mind it's worth it. As an artist, sometimes your peace is the best thing for you and it will reflect through your work. Tim Rees is a painter who is originally from Arizona, but found his peace in a unique place. Rees currently lives outside of the U.S. in Pembrokeshire, which is located in the southwest part of Wales. He dwells inside of a yurt, which are tent like houses traditionally used to house nomads for the convenience of being able to get up and go. Not the most conventional home in 2018, but judging by the way he continued on about his home away from home, you get the sense that he loves it in Pembrokeshire. 

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