Via Spiga: Putting Some Sass in Your Step

“Sophisticated design for the modern woman” is the way the Italian shoe designer label, Via Spiga,  is described on its official Facebook page, but what it should say is “put some sass in your step.” Because, the Via Spiga shoe designs are some of the most lively and colorful ones around today. Their shoes combine elegant classic shapes like the stiletto heel or the wedge with modern detailing like ropes, cutouts, and buckles that give their designs a unique twist. They are metallic when everything else is matte and they are bringing luxury back one step at a time.

The Via Spiga label was established back in 1985 and it got its name from the main street in one of the most famous shopping districts in Milan. The Via Spiga ”Heritage” page on the company’s website says, “Italian design, luxurious materials and beautiful detailing maintain Via Spiga’s rich heritage…” and I personally have to agree with them. Their designs are beautiful, wearable, and most importantly unique. I can’t tell you how many pairs of matte flats I’ve seen lately and I’m over it. By the looks of things, so is Via Spiga.


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