Wyatt Mills: The Naked Truth

When you take a drunk and a slightly paranoid individual and send them running into a fun house where an evil clown awaits, you come out with New York's new premier artist Wyatt Mills' stark and intriguing works of art. Honest and a bit surreal, Mills creates shockingly blunt paintings on canvas. As a 22-year-old painter who lives in Los Angeles, he emerges on darker issues plaguing society. But don't be fooled, Mills still takes to the sunny beaches and loves surfing, eating out and music. His canvases are merely a creative reflection of what exists around us all. He attempts to expose our fears and utmost anxieties. He accomplishes this feat by finding his own creative voice through anger, frustration, fear and lots of observation. As a young artist illustrating such deep issues, it would appear Mills' insights are way beyond his years. "I forgot who said it, but I once read ‘anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity," he told online art forum platinumcheese.com. As creativity goes, Mills' art proves to be ever flowing and full of statements. With nudity, caked makeup faces, bold lines of nightmarish realities and pleomorphic images, the up and coming artist poses a challenge to society's standards. In a very confrontational way, Mills opens the door to questions of everyday values. What sets his work apart from other artists is his inhibitions. From looking at the work, you'll know within seconds if you're offended, inspired or creeped out. He claims that his honesty is important.

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