Tony Cruvie: Unity Through Apparel

If you’re from Atlanta, or any large city for the most part, you know that different parts of the city vary greatly from one another in culture, community, and overall vibe. In Atlanta, people would never claim that Buckhead is the same as East Point or that Little Five Points is the same as Midtown. Tony Cruvie recognizes this and wanted to give people the opportunity to rep their neighborhood with pride, no matter where they’re from.

Cruvie founded Cruvie Clothing Co. in 2013 with these ideals in mind. The first shirt he ever designed had “SOUTHWEST ATLANTA” printed across the front, and with the help of his mother, a seamstress, they brought it to life. He received such positive feedback that he then chose to create his brand, Cruvie Clothing Co. Tony told Atlanta Magazine, “I like the fact that people can represent their neighborhood, their city, the place that they love through these shirts. They’re meant to inspire positivity in their community and uplift its citizens.”

Some of the brand’s most popular designs are titled: “Atlien,” “ATL Heaux,” “FUTURE,” and their branded logo “Cruvie.” As an Atlanta native myself, I particularly liked the “Atlien” design and the other elements it has. Under the “Atlien” it also says “GROWN HERE NOT FLOWN HERE” and has a small outline of the state of Georgia. 

All of these prints contain all white letters printed in an arch, across either a t-shirt, crewneck sweatshirt, or hoodie. They also have some color options, with all the items available in black and some in red, navy blue, or pink. If you feel inspired there is also an option to create a custom design.

In addition to their more general pieces they also have a “neighborhoods” shirt collection. The neighborhoods highlighted includes Alabama, California, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Each of the places have their own exclusive designed shirts with nicknames for specific areas, parks, or landmarks within the state printed on them. I can see why so many people are drawn to these designs, because it allows you to rep a specific part or place in your community that you wouldn’t typically see on a t-shirt. 

Tony doesn’t just represent the community though fashion, he also gives back to a good cause through his t-shirt collaborations with One World Today and Sickle Cell Warrior. One World Today helps support girls in Uganda to have better access to education. For every shirt sold $5 of the proceeds go to this organization. Sickle Cell Warriors is an organization that helps to fund sickle cell research and scholarships for kids with sickle cell to attend summer camp. For every one of the shirts purchased 50% of the proceeds are donated to this cause. He hopes his brand can uplift citizens and use fashion as a way to make real change. 

Tony feels that what he’s doing is having a positive impact on his community and wants to inspire others. For the future he wants to continue his band and to continue to make a difference. “When I know that I’ve inspired kids or helped someone in my community make a difference because of my clothing. Just a kid telling me thank you means this has been a success.”

-Isabella Luna