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It’s not often that I hear new artists that put me in the mindset of that old south, soulful hip-hop. I’m talking about the way you feel when someone like Big K.R.I.T spits on a track, and you can almost smell granny’s collard greens and candied yams on the stove, and hear the grease popping from the fried chicken or catfish in that cast iron skillet. Music artists that would bring you back to a time when you had to drink the water out the hose because you knew if you went back inside, you’d have to stay. You know, before central air was a regular household appliance.

When only granny’s room and the kitchen had A/C, and you weren’t allowed to go in either room and chill. So you’re stuck in the family room with the oscillating fan, trying to sit as close as possible for that 1.75 seconds of cool air. It’s a nostalgic feeling taking me back to some of the best times of my childhood that only certain artists can tap into.  

These artists provide an experience that’s unlike any other, and blctxt is definitely one of those artists. He speaks from his soul, and provides his listeners with a soundtrack that I’m sure most of us can relate to. 

blctxt was featured in a 2011 Va Mag story, since then he’s continued doing his thing. This time around we wanted to dig a little deeper without spoiling the listening experience. His music is not just words over a beat to tap your feet or nod your head to. I had the pleasure of catching up with the Atlanta native to pick his brain a bit. He talked about his creative process, and of course his latest album “Nothing Takes” among other things. 

Backview of blctxt contxt's album cover

Q: Do you have a routine for developing your projects? 
“My routine is to conquer songwriting every time I hear the music. Challenging myself to create new styles keeps the process exciting for me.”
Q: Do you have a favorite part of the developmental process for your projects?
“Watching people react to the music and videos is my favorite part. Once I put art out into the world, I can’t control the reception. It’s interesting to know how they receive it.”
Q: When you’re not working on your music, what do you like doing the most?
“Watching different artists in their creative process is something I do consistently no matter if I’m making music or not. Also, finding the best tacos and local beer I can get my hands on is a sport.”
Q: What do you feel hip-hop’s responsibility is for society as a whole?

“Hip-Hop’s only responsibility is to help drive people of all backgrounds to come together and express themselves. That sounds lofty and hilarious but it was a culture that came from war zone like areas and stopped violence. Now it’s an omnipotent money maker for corporations or young people who want to be creative.”

-blctxt contxt

Q: What do you feel is your personal responsibility to hip-hop and to society? 
“Bringing authenticity through my art is my only responsibility. I can’t imitate what’s already been done before me.”
Q: Has there been any obstacles that you’ve had to overcome as a hip-hop purist, during this era? 
“I can’t say that I am a purist but I do my best to be sincere and totally human with my art. Most artists have to wear a mask and though we’re all here to entertain, there’s a balance to uphold.”
Q: Who are the people in your life whoprovide you with the extra push when needed?
“King I Divine has been some what of a coach for me when I need the energy. He has wisdom and vision that goes beyond us being music collaborators.”
Q: If you could hop on a song with any artist of any genre, who would it be?
“Snoh Aalegra is a really dope R&B singer. I could see us making a classic record.”
Q: What are your plans to expand the brand that is blctxt contxt?
“Releasing more music and becoming a go-to photographer are my biggest goals.”
Q: What sets you apart from other artists in the same lane? 

“Balance. Some of my favorite artists know how to make party records, and be introspective which is something I don’t see in many newer artists.”

-Blctxt contxt

Q: What song means the most to you on your latest album? 
“Definitely every song is important to me, but if I’m only choosing one, I’m choosing the title track, ‘Nothing Takes.’”
Q: What song do you love performing the most?
“’Decision’ is an older record I have that still slaps from the beat to the chorus.”
Q: Do you have a favorite producer?
“My favorite producers are the cats I work with: King I Divine, Illastrate and the entire Dirty Drum Academy.”
Q: Is there a person that you let hear your music before it’s released for their perspective? Why? 
“I let quite a few people hear my unreleased music. People have different perspectives and receive art differently than the creative. If I have a decent base of opinions I know I’ve made a good project.”

blctxt contxt’s “Nothing Takes” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all other streaming services. Don’t hesitate to vibe out to my favorite joint, “Follow the Spark.” And don’t forget to show him some love on his Instagram page @blctxt. His IG page also showcases his work in his new found passion in photography. 

-Blake Holmes