blctxt contxt: Follow the Spark

Picture of Atlanta Rapper Blctxt Contxt

It’s not often that I hear new artists that put me in the mindset of that old south, soulful hip-hop. I’m talking about the way you feel when someone like Big K.R.I.T spits on a track, and you can almost smell granny’s collard greens and candied yams on the stove, and hear the grease popping from the fried chicken or catfish in that cast iron skillet. Music artists that would bring you back to a time when you had to drink the water out the hose because you knew if you went back inside, you’d have to stay. You know, before central air was a regular household appliance.

When only granny’s room and the kitchen had A/C, and you weren’t allowed to go in either room and chill. So you’re stuck in the family room with the oscillating fan, trying to sit as close as possible for that 1.75 seconds of cool air. It’s a nostalgic feeling taking me back to some of the best times of my childhood that only certain artists can tap into.  

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