Art Meso: La Genése

Models, draped beautifully with flowy fabric, stood still to the point that they appeared as statues and blended with the vibrant scenery. It felt like I had been transported to a whimsical garden, filled with flowers and greenery, and hazy smoke. The details spoke to me, from an ornately designed patterned coat to the floral accents placed on the models hands, and their dewey, dream-like makeup. To me this exhibition emulated gods and goddesses of the spring, with models lounging about and caressing their elegant tulle gowns. Art Meso managed to capture not only my attention, but also my imagination, allowing my sense of childlike wonder to resurface. 

Art Meso took place  October 5-6, 2019 at the W Hotel, in Atlanta, Georgia. Art Meso is an international fashion and art exhibition, featuring a high fashion show, live art exhibits, and a blended, tasteful experience. This year’s theme was “La Genése,” a french term meaning “The Genesis.” The event perfectly captured this theme, with each runway collection telling a transformative story through the garments worn by the models. 

Founded by Jennifer Sutton, Art Meso is now going on its fourth year as an artistic showcase event. Sutton worked as a Visual Executive, quitting her job and instead deciding to focus her career on one of her passions, wardrobe design and styling. In 2014, she created Art Meso because she wanted to bring her passion for art, fashion and serving the community together. She told VoyageATL, “I’ve always had this very vivid imagination and using my background in Visual Design and my various experiences I had along the way, I created Art Meso. I wanted to provide a platform for creativity without limits.”

What sets Art Meso apart from other art or fashion shows is the execution of an interactive visual experience. Celeste Alexander, publisher of Curated Quarters, told Visionary Artistry Online Magazine, “What I saw was real design, they bring the creativity to the highest degree.” As an interior designer herself, Alexander said, “coming to a fashion show like this has spurred me to want to go back and create things. I’m inspired to start layering drapes in a way that I have never done before.” 

Although, Art Meso is an international art and fashion exhibition, the work of some local artists from Atlanta was also showcased at the event like Melissa Mitchell, GW Harper, Yani Paints, and Batu Collection. The two-day event featured international talent from Spain, Argentina, and Italy. Some of the international features include work from Ela Fidalgo, Rosana Bruno, and Tony Trunzo. Of the featured talent, my favorite designer of Art Meso was Celestino Couture, from New York. 

Art Meso strives to exist with a bigger purpose aside from just fashion. The event included a silent auction in addition to the many artistic showcases. For all of the proceeds raised from this auction, 100 percent is donated to non-profit organizations, both locally and internationally. One of the most notable partners this year is Make-a-Wish Foundation of Georgia. 

Art Meso is an event that manages to make many different artistic aspects come together in unison and take you on a journey at the same time. Art Meso is a great beacon for creativity and showcases fashion in the most engaging way possible. Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds, style expert and author, told Visionary Artistry Online Magazine that Art Meso is, “all things extravaganza, all things art, all things lovely. I think it was a good marriage between art, fashion, philanthropy, and good people.” 

-Isabella Luna