FLUX: Creating an Acoustic Playground

Art is loved because of its multifaceted, multidimensional properties. It connects different types of people and allows them to share different experiences and perspectives. While it can be found almost anywhere, art is a major part of Atlanta’s creative scene. Last month the city was the location for an event that included several art installations called FLUX: Ponce City Market. 

FLUX is an organization dedicated to “producing temporary art projects that connect and grow artists and audiences in Atlanta through the creative power of place.” The event took place at Ponce City Market, a popular event space that was formerly known as City Hall East.” The curator for the art installations in the space was Ben Coleman, according to the FLUX website. He is a multidisciplinary artist, with an eye for eccentric and experimental art pieces that led to a diverse, dynamic, extremely interactive space for the people of Atlanta. 

The goal of the art installation was to engage audiences with an “acoustic playground,” according to GPB Radio News. Each piece of the market aimed to challenge established concepts of sight and sound and their connectivity and relativity to the space within the Ponce City Market. Each piece added a new element to this concept, inciting an array of different emotions for each viewer and listener. By allowing this immersion of sound, the audience was introduced to a new kind of sensory experience. According to the Ponce City Market Website, the purpose of the event was to, “turn up the volume” of Ponce City Market – manifesting the sonic qualities of the building in engaging, unexpected ways and bringing awareness to how the building exists around us and reacts to our presence.”

The three day event included artists of many ages, ethnicities, races, and backgrounds. Each piece was uniquely different and evoked different ranges of emotions. One example of this was the piece created by Tricia Hersey, who, according to Bon Appetit, is a performance artist and the founder of The Nap Ministry, an organization dedicated to promoting the benefits and needs concerning rest. The piece, A Resting Place, which featured a bed with white, soft sheets and white curtains with cool breezes blowing through, creating a calm and warm ambience. While very far from what many would consider to be a “traditional” art piece, it really served as a surreal setting. 

Another artist’s works that were featured at the event were by sculptor and sound performance artist Jane Foley. According to the Ponce City Market website, her “works explore isolation and connectivity in public spaces, beginning with subtle repeated experiments in deep listening and reciprocity.” Another artist who worked to transform the space into an echo-chamber of sounds and sights was composer, Eli Keszler. His installations and visual art pieces, “use the environment, architecture, and percussion to explore how sound and space transform locations.” 

As one could see, the artist’s used sound, and visual and spatial elements in their works to create a large interactive space. 

The captivating space invited audience members to enjoy also be a part of the restful scene. Each of interactive experiences made by the artists created new experiences for Atlanta art lovers. This past weekend, each audience member was left with a new feeling and a new memory that they were a part of, thanks to FLUX: Ponce City Market, the featured artists, and their amazing art installations. 

-Mikhayla Robinson