Kaito Araujo: Capturing Black Excellence

The personal lives of celebrities will eternally be the subject of great curiosity for the majority of humanity who spend their lives out of the spotlight. For those under it, their existence is poked and prodded from the removed medium of tabloids and reality television. Regardless of whether the information is true or false, people of all identities find themselves snagging the latest issue of People at the grocery store checkout counter. Monumental events in a celebrity's life, such as a wedding or a fiftieth birthday celebration, have a tendency to be more heavily guarded from the press. This results in a hyper fixation on the event by the press as speculative articles flow alongside an equal number of stories about pathetic paparazzi who broke their leg trying to jump a ten-foot tall fence so they could snap Kim Kardashian saying, “I do!” on camera. 

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