Chanel Jaali: Glow Photo

Displaying the glow of black and brown women...

I have never seen a 12-month calendar that only contains black, positive faces. But, there are annual calendars for sale in stores like Walmart and Target filled with the “perfect photos.” You know a Caucasian mom and dad, a son, a daughter, and a little dog—huddled together, cheesing hard behind a white picket fence. These types of calendars have been around for as long as I can remember, with primarily white families as the focal point, supposedly displaying a perfect life and the “American Dream.”
But now in 2020, it’s a different day. And, I’m proud to say my desk calendar displays an “African-American Woman’s Dream,” which can be found in the Glow Photo series 2020 calendar. It’s filled with candid shots of African-American women of beautiful brown shades, and all different shapes, and sizes.

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