Anthony Ricciardi: A Colorless, But Colorful Life

The stereotype for an artist is usually a moody, unathletic, quiet person who has spent years dedicated to their craft at an art school. Anthony Ricciardi, breaks all of these stereotypes, and that is clear to anyone who looks at his art or even just his Instagram page. In his profile on the social media platform, he describes himself as “creating artwork & murals around the world, Left a Career in Finance, Former Division 1 NCAA, Spotify & Itunes: MORNING RICHUAL,” complete with emojis. So many things from this profile, like his podcast Morning Richual, which discusses how to use your creative mind, even if you’ve never considered yourself artistic or creative before, but there is also something at the end of his profile that sticks out, especially since he’s an artist known for his use of color: he’s colorblind.

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