I Scream Ice Cream: Heavenly Flavors in Underground Atlanta

rolled ice creams in cone cups on blue background. Different iced rolls top view or flat lay. Thai style rolled ice cream with copy space in center for text or design. Banner

Years from now, when someone mentions March 2020, most people will be reminiscent of COVID-19, but for Khalilah Womack, March 2020 will be remembered as the month that her dream project, I Scream Ice Scream Rolls, came to life. Womack opened up shop in Underground Atlanta on March 13, days before the mandatory quarantine, an experience not many small business owners have gone through, but she has persevered through these unprecedented challenges. Through community and (especially) family support, I Scream has made it through to be a shining new face for the revitalization of Underground Atlanta. The revitalization of the area, as said by Underground’s website, is dedicated to turning the “historic four-block radius into a sustainable community where people can live, work, create, and explore… with unique shops, restaurants, markets, entertainment, and a variety of workspace options.”

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