Museum of Non-Visible Art: How to Read a Painting

“A painting of a small red square. It is about 5 by 5 inches. It is one color, with several shades of red and is so glossy that it looks wet. It is made by using drops of the artists’ blood mixed with paint. It might look like zombie dining evidence when the medium and its history is described, but it also looks like a gazing mirror because it is so shiny and reflective.” Reading this, you may think that I’ve managed to get my hands on a leaked future David Lynch screenplay. But, actually, you have just read a painting. This piece is called Red Square by the Praxis Art Museum, and it is featured in the Museum of Non-Physical Art. This piece is figuratively located in between a Baptist Church and Gospel Assembly in New York, and it is one of many purely conceptual, non-objective works of art. 

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