Glynn Turman: Glynnaissance Man

Can you name an actor or actress that has a career spanning over 50 years? The list isn’t very lengthy, so of course finding someone whose career spans over 60 years will be an even shorter one. One gentleman who has been able to achieve such a long career and be able to display an amazing amount of range along the way has been Glynn Turman. Very few people have been able to work not only as long, but as diligently as Turman has. Very few people have been able to share the stage with cinematic royalty like Cicely Tyson, Ruby Dee, and Sidney Poitier. Then manage to stick around long enough to work with Chris Rock, Angela Bassett, Bernie Mac, Chadwick Bozeman, and Viola Davis. Not too many can be mentioned in the conversation about black pillars in Hollywood, but Turman embodies that very title. 

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