American Skin: Uncovering an American Tragedy

There was a survey circulating the internet towards the end of the year, asking people what place have they missed going to the most during the Covid-19 restrictions? I had three; museums, bowling alleys, and the show, aka the movie theater. I’m an avid museum-goer, bowler, and have gotten into movies a little more nowadays. One of the reasons I’ve become more interested in movies is because of the diversity of Black stories that are being told now. Part of the diversity stems from the fact, we as Black people are telling our own stories, whereas in the past they were being told from other people’s perspectives. From the likes of Lena Waithe and Ava Duvernay, to Ryan Coogler, Jordan Peele, and Nate Parker, they each have brought a unique way of Black storytelling to TV and the movie screen. Nate Parker seems to be the rebel of the bunch, and his latest film, “American Skin,” is a great depiction of where he stands. 

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