Chloe Lonsdale: The Denim Princess

Everybody has their favorite pair of jeans. Whether you’re a person who prefers a pair of high-end designer jeans, or you may be like me and you are content with a plain comfortable pair, we all have our favorite. But what makes your favorite pair different from the rest? I found my favorite pair accidentally while shopping for an outfit to wear to a party that I ended up not even going to. I’m a bargain shopper, so I’m always sliding down the clearance aisle to see if I can find a steal. Low and behold I found a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans at a price I couldn’t resist, and the price was so low I can’t even tell you how much they were. Shoutout to Macy’s though! 

What makes them my favorite pair isn’t just the brand, but they’re super comfortable and fit perfectly. They are a lighter blue, so they pretty much go with everything. I’m also a sucker for versatility. 

Chloe Lonsdale, the founder of M.i.H jeans, offers a ton of versatility with her women’s jeans. Chloe was pretty much raised in the clothing industry, denim in particular. 

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