6XTOne: A City-Wide Celebration

If you’ve recently been around Atlanta, Georgia, and visited the Hartsfield Jackson Airport, wandered around downtown, or found yourself at the Woodruff Arts Center, your gaze has probably been met by beautiful art pieces showcased on towering billboards, digital signs, and shining displays. Art can be found anywhere throughout Atlanta, but these locations in particular have recently been decorated with pieces from the 6XTOne exhibition. Held from Jan.1 through Jan. 5, 6XTOne was a city-wide art exhibition created to celebrate the inauguration of Atlanta’s 61st Mayor, Andre Dickens, and showcases the beautiful work of 61 Atlanta-based artists. Mayor Dickens is a strong advocate of the arts in Atlanta and even insisted the exhibition take place during his inauguration. This celebration is yet one of his many initiatives to preserve the art and support the many artists who reside in Atlanta.

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