Adam Levine: Lucky Strike

Destiny is defined in the dictionary as a predetermined course of events for someone’s future, and it is often believed to be by a higher power. For some people, their destiny is to fulfill great expectations. Another part to consider when trying to reach your destiny, is the fact that to whom much is given, much is required. An exemplary model of greatness is Singer/Songwriter and Musician Adam Levine, he displays greatness in many different arenas.

Levine, is known primarily for being the front man of the pop rock band Maroon 5. He is a native of Los Angeles, CA, and the very first group he was apart of was called Kara’s Flowers, where he made quite a name for himself. In 1997, the group made up of Levine and three other classmates had a cameo on 90′s hit TV show,Saved by the Bell. This was huge for many reasons, but shocking as well because the group at the time only had one single. And you have to consider the fact that there was no social media that could assist in boosting a buzz surrounding the group.


After graduation, and the breakup of Kara’s Flowers, regardless Levine refused to give up on his dream. He enrolled in a school for music and performing arts, called Five Towns College in New York, and what better place could he wind up? From the “City of Angels,” to the “City of Dreams,” Levine found himself heavily influenced by the Hip-Hop and R&B scene while living here. After three years of school, Levine decided to discontinue his education the traditional way in 2000. Shortly thereafter, a reunion of Kara’s Flowers took place. This time though, there was a new member, inspiring a name change. Thus, Maroon 5 was born.

For Levine and the group, success came rather methodically this time around. The group released their debut album, “Songs About Jane,” in 2002. While the album did in fact reach platinum status, it took two years in order for it to do so. The process paid its dividends in a more rapid fashion, however. The group went on to win three Grammy awards over the next three years, and Levine as the front man for the band was thrust into a “sex symbol,” status.


It’s not uncommon for an R&B singer to be viewed as a sex symbol. But for Levine, it was taken to another level of sorts in 2013. People Magazine declared Levine the “Sexiest Man Alive,” giving Levine the honor of bringing sexy back, again. The singer spoke with Ellen DeGeneres in an interview on her talk show, about how his parents and fiancée joked about the title. “My fiancée (Behati Prinsloo, former Victoria’s Secret model) burst into laughter. She’s always keeping me humble. My mom asked very kindly and sweet if that made her the sexiest mom alive? And, well my dad just simply said, ‘You’re welcome, son!’”


Levine spoke briefly about his wife-to-be in the same interview. He revealed how they both share an addiction. Levine and future wife, Behati, both share “Candy Crush” fever. Showing that they’re just as regular as you and I, but also that all couples have their vices. Even the beautiful ones. Behati and Levine are very much a “power couple” at this point. Not only are they killing on the “Candy Crush” side of things, but they also have a joint business venture that’s sure to be a hit. After launching and making a big splash in the fashion world in 2013 with his men’s line properly named after him, The Adam Levine Collection expanded to women’s clothing. Both cost friendly lines cater to many different styles. So they’ll have something for almost everyone, and can surprisingly be found at Kmart. Levine has been busy to say the least, building his brand, and selling himself to the masses. He has appeared as a judge for NBC’s reality hit, “The Voice,” since 2007. “The Voice,” gives Levine the opportunity to not only judge talent, but to also give constructive criticism for aspiring singers. It has also given him the opportunity to work with music heavyweights like Usher, CeeLo Green, and Christina Aguilera. Levine’s participation on “The Voice,” helped further his visibility. This in turn played a part in landing him another spot on TV in “The American Horror Story,” a show that I like to refer to as this generation’s cross between “Tales from the Crypt,” and “The Amityville Horror.” Some people find their destined path late in life, others find it rather early. Levine’s path has extended as the 35-year-old gains visibility and notoriety. Levine makes it look so easy, but the truth of the matter is it took a lot of work to get where he is today. Being multi-talented has helped as well, keeping a  beautiful fiancée on his arm, claiming Grammy’s whenever he can spare some time, a national TV show, a successful clothing line, and a Candy Crush app abuser. In the end, Levine is just a regular guy that happens to have the world in the palm of his hands. Well, that and his cell phone.

-Blake Holmes, 2014