Aldo Bensadoun: The Bold and the Beautiful

There is just something about a woman in heels or a man in a pair of loafers that makes you feel like you are on top of the world. You could stop traffic strutting across the street in your new heels, or a guy rocking a pair of his finest loafers, could get the girl at the party that he’s had his eye on all night. In the wide industry of fashion, shoes can make or break an outfit. Companies in the shoe industry understand the importance of comfortable and stylish shoes. It’s all about the brand. It has to look good, feel good and be good.   

Entrepreneurs that have a business in shoe wear are obsessed with their brand and making customers happy.


“You need a whole community to raise a child,” says the famous writer Toni Morrison during an interview with NEA Arts Magazine. Having a business is similar to raising a child. It’s an investment, it takes hard work and dedication to have a successful outcome. It takes the right group of people to raise it the right way. Aldo Bensadoun, founder and CEO of ALDO group carries this same passion.

“I like planting trees. I plant an awful lot of trees,” explains Aldo Bensadoun in an interview with BOF (Business of Fashion).

Bensadoun founded his namesake business 44 years ago, this year. “I find that they last for a long time and I hope that it symbolizes the company.”

The business of shoe wear is something that Bensadoun knows all too well. He was the son of a merchant and grandson of a cobbler. But Bensadoun had something different in mind. He moved to the United States where he received his education and worked at different shoe stores before finding the ALDO group in 1972.

What started as a vision from one man and one store in downtown Montreal, Canada has spread throughout the globe with more than 2,050 stores in 2016.

I think it was the challenge and the passion of doing something that you enjoy and you can see the results is what kept me engaged,” said  Bensadoun during an interview with Phanta Media for the 2013 Marketing Hall of Visionary Legends.

aldo4But the businessman can’t take the cake for all of this success alone. His team members are hungry for success. The ALDO group sets goals and obtains them by constantly searching to upgrade and expand throughout the world. They strive to be on a constant search for new and upcoming trends in different parts of the world in art and fashion and they exchange new and innovative ideas. They have worked with many artists that have helped design and produce more than 200 works in their art collection.

The ALDO group takes pride in fine quality footwear and accessories. They have become one of the world’s leading fashion retailers by having   a go-getting spirit.

As a company you have to evolve, you have to change and grow. Today, my role is [to] help people manage the company. I’m exchanging ideas with them and I have to tell you that I am learning wisdom,” Bensadoun explained during an interview with Phanta Media for the 2013 Marketing Hall of Visionary Legends.  

A shopper carries an Aldo Group Inc. shopping bag in Singapore, on Thursday, June 14, 2012. Photographer: Munshi Ahmed/Bloomberg
A shopper carries an Aldo Group Inc. shopping bag in Singapore, on Thursday, June 14, 2012. Photographer: Munshi Ahmed/Bloomberg

Their strategic and fierce thought process for the company reflects their products and services. Not everyone has the same taste in fashion, but we can’t argue that a piece of merchandise from ALDO screams fierce.

A pair of ALDO’s very own Casabella sandals are an instant eye catcher. The sexy wedge heel has a subtle light mocha colored box shaped pattern. To add a little versatility, they come in  black and white and everyone knows that you can’t go wrong with either one of those colors. They look comfortable for feet of any size and shape. You could wear them in the summer, spring and even get away them in the fall with their casual colors. For a shoe that is so adaptable, you would think that it wasn’t friendly to your pockets, but shockingly it is very affordable at only $64.98!

aldo3You could rock these babies with a nice flowy sundress or a pair of skintight skinny jeans that hug your curves just right. But don’t forget to add a handbag to your collection. ALDO has a wide variety of handbags, ready to be perfectly paired with your shoes. They have anything from plain and clean for the mall, to formal and fancy for an upscale event for the evening. And the most you might spend on a handbag at ALDO is $60.00. You can’t beat that.

The ALDO brand has a spiritual essence in their products and service that most customers value. The spirit is the nonphysical part of a body that will live on forever, and that is Bensadoun’s main goal for the ALDO company.

He had no idea that the company would reach the amount of success that it has. But he knew that in order to maintain the success of this long-lasting company, he would have to give the people what they want, which is fine quality and great service. At the end of the day, it is all about the customer.

-Lauren Hilton