Camilla Nickerson: Modern Visions

Imagine, models dolled up in fierce body paint with a tropical setting and live snakes wrapped around their slinky shoulders, while their delicate features and gorgeous limbs paint a picturesque scene.

We all stop to think, “How cool is their job?” But look off to the side beyond the photographers and assistants and a key figure emerges: the stylist. The creator of both vision and execution. The mastermind of the whole set and someone so keenly attuned to their surroundings. This genius is none other than legacy fashion stylist and editor Camilla Nickerson.

can4“I try to bring in something from worlds that are outside fashion, and then try to relate fashion to it. I’m trying to think about the world today,” the relayed to online site

Nickerson is known for her modern but not minimal sense of style. A guru who always marched to her own beat and a collector of eclectic art and fashion, the young girl from the United Kingdom knew early on she enjoyed staging a scene.

Defined by her high cheekbones and ultimate quirkiness, Nickerson was discovered at the age of fourteen for modeling. She was a success in front of the camera and appeared in British Vogue before realizing her time was better spent in the processes leading up to the photo shoots. She modeled on the side before going to work assisting Designer Sophie Hicks in the office of British Vogue. This critical move laid the foundation for her growing ambition as a stylist and editor. Nickerson learned the skills to make it with the best in the business.

can2Quickly rising in rank due to her keen intuition, Nickerson found herself assisting on photo shoots, music videos, and styling the most prestigious names in Hollywood. From Kate Moss to Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, Nickerson maintained a humble disposition and maintained her rare gift for creating authenticity and passion in every shoot.

“I’m a gypsy living in America, so I’m drawn to people who bring the worlds of outsiders to life,” she said to


Many of Nickerson’s greatest accomplishments include styling 28 covers for Vogue and appearing in the “Vogue Top 100” in 1989 alongside prestigious women Meryl Streep and Audrey Hepburn. The smart stylist has a long list of notable designers she has collaborated with that include Calvin Klein, Yves St. Laurent and completely reestablishing the Tommy Hilfiger  brand in 2000.

A raw talent that seems to develop out of majestic story ideas or phantasmagorical visions, Nickerson’s work is often extremely tangible and detailed. She creates eerie settings that highlight the model and portray a whimsical idea. Her work can also be stark and bare but extremely loud in just the right way. Her visions are poignant and well thought out.  They are carefully crafted right down to the very edges of the scene. Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue described Nickerson’s work “sees the sea…in no time we will all see the ocean,” referring to the clear visions Nickerson transforms from mind to project.


British Vogue, Italian Vogue and W Magazine both styling and editing fashion. A legend that carves a story out of one scene, she creates lasting images. Her name is household within the offices of Vogue where is she currently working as Senior Fashion Editor. Her connections as well as her sense for what’s fresh, have allowed Nickerson to make headway within the pages of Vogue. Most recently she is collaborating on an entire collection with Fashion Designer Sarah Burton.

Always craving a new challenge and opportunity, the fashion icon will continue to mold and shape her way, leaving a remarkable impression and a fascinating story.


-Courtney Blackann