Eric Medalle: The Creative Journey

Growing up in the 1990s as a child, all I heard about at school was Pokémon. The obsession that children and preteens had with trading cards, battles and even the television show were the talk of the town. As I grew older, I realized that it’s not all about the finished product, but the people behind the scenes, the team that works together to make the dream come alive.

They say the magic in being successful is doing what you love and that is exactly what Eric Medalle, the creator of the Pokémon characters accomplished. Raised in Detroit, Mich, he is a proud Wolverine graduate of the University of Michigan. Recently, Medalle died in a tragic car accident on March 13, 2016 while in his hometown, Seattle, Wash. leaving his wife and two daughters behind. Medalle was the Creative Design Director at the Pokémon Company International and an illustrator for the Trading Figure Game of Pokémon. He has designed or co-designed every international Trading Card Game logo since Nintendo took control card production. Medalle was also responsible for designing the logos for Pokémon Dream Radar and the Best Wishes and XY series, including the movies. Medalle was passionate about art, music, photography, and design. Seattle provided boundless inspiration for new ideas. Medalle dedicated 13 years to the company and its corresponding franchises.

em5Eric Medalle’s work influenced so many people and how they viewed their lives. “Pokémon was the first video game that I purchased myself and I am not even the biggest Pokémon fan. Still, it played a big part in making millions of people worldwide happy. In fact, you can guarantee that Medalle’s work at least made people that were also going through some terrible times feel better and you can grow up and do the same, find your own way and make him proud.”says Christian Burney, a Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) student and fan of Eric Medalle.

Eric Medalle brought passion out of his fans by placing them in his characters. Who could ever forget the large streaming tears flowing down the faces of the characters on the Pokémon cartoon, the powerful sound effects of a fight or the adorable Pikachu song?



The Pokémon Company is currently working on new games and entering competitions that will give honor to the Pokémon legacy to celebrate its 20th anniversary, such as the 2016 Pokémon Video Game Championship Series

Pokémon video game players will be able to compete in more events than ever as the series expands to new cities and countries around the world. Championship Series events will use Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. The full breakdown of the season Championship Points structure can be found here.



With more Premier Challenge tournaments and more online Competitions in 2016, players will have more chances than ever to compete.

So, to all gamers and Pokémon supporters, signup and join in on the very competitive 2016 Pokémon Video Game Championship Series. By doing so, you are managing to help keep the dream alive which was Eric Medalle’s vision for the Pokémon Company. Medalle will forever live on in the hearts of fans that enjoyed his work.

-Lauren Hilton