Patrick Mohr: Kicks from Mars

Sneakerheads crowd the sidewalk in their fancy kicks, they loom from the crowd and garner attention. Former fashion model turned artist, German shoe designer Patrick Mohr has entered the fashion world with his ethereal creations, securing the anticipation of most trendy footwear fanatics. Mohr launched his line in 2008 after graduating from the international fashion school, ESMOD in Munich. He has been sure not to disappoint his supporters ever since. With a clean, urban style that always includes his signature triangle, Mohr designs high-end street wear for the most mod consumers.


The construction of his sneakers is swank, including various options while allowing consumers to incorporate their own style. Mohr likes to include accessories with his shoes. For example, in his collection with K1X, a suede ankle strap doubles as a necklace when paired with the wood grain triangle pinned on the top lace lock. While Mohr’s shoes provide versatility, they come at a steep price. However, many consumers are willing to shed some cash in order to get their feet in some fresh footwear.

Mohr wants to prove his determination and worth to the realm of fashion design. He describes his entrance into the fashion world as “sudden” in an interview with fashion vlog, From Monday to Fashion , and he has experienced recognition from celebrity clients. He gained acknowledgement for his recent endeavor to redesign Reebok’s classic sneaker this past summer, releasing a collection in July 2014. Rapper Swizz Beatz has endorsed Mohr’s label collaboration with Reebok saying, “(They’re) moving to the next level. Don’t miss the boat. There’s life on Mars.”  He seems to understand the very progressive nature of Mohr’s design concepts and alludes to his otherworldly style. While some elements of Mohr’s label may seem austere to some, his work is distinctive which is admired in the design world.


Mohr has kept himself relevant by collaborating with prominent labels such as K1X and Reebok. His red October design for K1X in 2012 was very much accepted by consumers and set precedence for his label across the globe. Another way Mohr intrigues his audience is by keeping us in limbo, wondering if his goal is about the fashion or does he suggest something beyond that? As an artist he apparently has a lot to say about the fashion world and expresses this through his design choices and exhibiting his work. From sending homeless people in place of stringent models in down the catwalk in 2011 to blurring lines of gender by streamlining his models with bald heads and wiry beards in 2012, his tenacity to stand out challenge the conventions of fashion has been appreciated by his followers and peers. While Mohr is best known for his shoes, he has also dabbled in clothing design that follows the same streetwear style and all of his garb is unisex. In an interview with From Monday to Fashion, Mohr specified, “It all comes down to one thing: man and woman are one. I only see one human being, one person, for me it all starts from that perspective.” Clearly. Mohr enjoys challenging the concept of gender and its restrictions in the world of fashion.


One puzzling aspect of Mohr’s geometric design is his constant inclusion of triangles. Always incorporating triangles has become his trademark, and the shape constitutes his insignia. Traditionally triangles are known to symbolize and associated with words like gender, versatility, proportion and harmony. Knowing Mohr’s stance on gender and the nature of his design, his use of the triangle is coherent with his perspective and adds to the uniqueness of his label.

-Devon Cotta