J.Q. Franklin in the Pursuit of Happyness


At a young age, we all thought we knew what it was, considering the fact that most of our lives we’ve been told how to define it. In elementary school, our English teachers taught us how to spell the root word “happy” in several different forms to create happiness.

When it comes to the noun, we were instructed to drop the “y,” add a “i” and the suffix would be n-e-s-s.

Resulting in the word: Happiness

We were always taught to do it the traditional way.

We even referenced the dictionary to help accurately define the word.


Those were the only words listed to paint a picture of what happiness should be. We did our research and looked in several places, but it never occurred to us that we carried the answer in our hearts. All along our minds have always been controlled by authoritative figures and the standards of society, so we didn’t bother to use our imagination to explore a different meaning to the term.

Truth be told, happiness can come in any form. For some, its associated with a person, a place or a thing, but for others, happiness is associated with an action, one that is initiated by a major source.

On Saturday, Oct. 28th Visual Artist J.Q. Franklin will showcase his third art installation called “The Pursuit of Happyness,” an art experience that represents people of different backgrounds defining their own versions of happiness, documented by the artist through his work. Although J.Q.’s artwork contains several different subjects, “The Pursuit of Happyness,” hits close to home for the artist.

J.Q. in the pursuit of happyness is a personal testament about my journey of overcoming obstacles and the fear of the unknown. While on this journey I am beginning, to understand my purpose..and what drives me not to settle, said J.Q.,” while explaining his solo exhibit.

Join us on Saturday, Oct. 28 for this art experience. Click here for a FREE ticket and more information: J.Q. in the Pursuit of Happyness

-Jaya Franklin