Jhené Aiko: Trip Review

Three. Long. Years.
That's how long it's been since Jhené Aiko gave us a solo album. She helped bridge the long wait when she dropped 2088 last year alongside Big Sean, but other than that, and a few features she's been relatively quiet. That changed last week with the surprise release of her new album. It took Jhené Aiko three years, but now she's ready to take us through her own personal trip.

Fittingly, 'Trip" opens up with 'LSD.' The drug inspired track prepares your mind for the journey we're about to go on. Jhené  bares some of the themes on the album; nostalgia, drugs, psychedelics.  Lines like:

So the other night I/Took a tiny piece of paper and put it under my tongue and we did some shrooms/and we smoked marijuana/ came all this way to escape all our problems 

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