Diana/Wynter Gordon: Reinvention of Self

“He better call Becky with the good hair,” is the infamous line in Beyonce’s 2016 song “Sorry,” off her “Lemonade” album.  What or who is responsible for this straightforward, no nonsense lyric?? You can thank Diana Gordon for the frenzy that ensued behind those words.

Not just a songwriter but she is also an amazing singer. Gordon gained popularity and a huge fan base as an electronic dance music [EDM] artist who went by the name Wynter Gordon, the Queens, New York native has had major success in the music industry.

Gordon was 19 years old when she got her first songwriter’s credit in the music industry. She penned a song for  the legendary Mary J. Blige called “The Breakthrough.”  The opportunity arose when the owner of a Brooklyn strip club, that the multi-platinum singer frequented, passed Gordon’s cd to her. The Breakthrough from that same cd was the song that Mary J. Blige chose to use. This was also a segway to Gordon’s first record deal.  Over the years she’s also wrote songs for Rapper Flo Rida, French DJ David Guetta and Singer Jennifer Lopez.

Finally working on music to release for herself, Gordon’s debut single from 2011, Dirty Talk, gained major success while she was signed to Atlantic Records. It hit No.1 on the United State’s dance/club chart and Australia’s ARIA [Australian Recording Industry Association] chart.  It was also top ten in Ireland and top 30 in the United Kingdom. She captured a larger fanbase overseas than she did in the states.  During that time, she was also able to perform at Coachella where everyone knew her words.

Attaining success as Wynter Gordon on the EDM scene wasn’t everything someone would imagine it should be.  She wasn’t singing music that she truly wanted to release to her fans. She wanted to be Diana, not Wynter.

In an interview with Paper Magazine she said, “Sometimes fans don’t want to hear anything else from you other than what they know.”  Naturally she was skeptical to work on music in her heart.

Now an independent artist, Gordon has released her latest project, Pure.  It was complete two years ago but with problems on the business side, it was never the right time to release it until now.  The EP highlights personal problems she’s experienced like the absence of her father, the 16-year disappearance of her older brother and even her mother’s experience of having children at a young age.

Listening to this project, there’s a sense of peace coming from her.  My favorite track is Moment to Myself.  It’s easily relatable in the sense of family or a love interest.  The opening lyrics are:

I still care but I just need a moment to myself, I’ll be here but I just need a moment to myself.”

As the song continues,

You’re only pushing ’cause you think that I’m weak

I love you and you know I do.

I love you and you know I don’t wanna leave

You know that I’ve tried so hard to

Ignore the very best parts of me, I gave it away to you.”

You’ve given so much to a person who may not have been deserving and couldn’t see the toll it took.  When you finally decide to take time to yourself, it was hard to let them know that. We’ve all been in that position before.


Reinventing her sound and releasing music as Diana Gordon feels right to her. Even when listening to her new EP, her growth and comfort is noticed. Just because someone else feels you should do something, does not mean it’s the right thing.  Following your heart is always the best decision. Do what makes you happy.

“Music saved me.”

Diana Gordon

-Breon Jordan