Zaria Forman: Drawing Beauty from What We Stand to Lose

It often seems like every time I turn on the news there are only upsetting stories being shared. One can only wonder where do all the inspiring reports go? Would it possibly change our perspectives of the world if we saw more of them? For instance, news regarding climate change often focuses on loss, destruction, and irreversible damage. If some of these stories centered more on the beauty of the natural world that is at risk, would an audience feel more inclined to take action?

Artist Zaria Forman must have wondered these same questions. In her passion to illuminate the effects of climate change in the world’s melting ice caps and rising sea levels, Forman chooses to draw the beauty of what we all stand to lose. Her drawings are an innovative display of an often depressing topic shown through the lens of a larger connection to nature in the hopes to convey the urgency of climate change.

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