Brionya James: God’s Gift

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans,” Proverbs 16:3

This is the scripture that once greeted visitors of artist, Brionya James’ webpage. Brionya James is an incredibly talented artist from Austin, Texas who is making a name for herself with every stroke of her paintbrush. In an interview with women’s network Pink Productions, “I’ve always had a passion for art since I was young. I’ve taken advanced art classes in school and participated in regional competitions.” She continued: “I didn’t take it to heart until a few years ago. Now its inseparable and I continuously push myself to progress every day.”

Brionya grew up as an only child in Austin. She attended Sam Houston State University before withdrawing and pursuing a career as a tattoo artist. After leaving school she also moved to Houston, where her skills first caught the attention of the masses. This is also when she was first noticed by Pink Productions and featured in one of their articles about up and coming artists to follow on Instagram. At the time, Brionya was transitioning from her success as a tattoo artist to her newest passion in realism paintings. A transition that Brionya describes as one of her life’s defining moments. 

Brionya told Voyage Houston in an interview in 2018 that the transition was one that came from a greater purpose. “Eventually, I became one with my calling and knew that God directed my path to create light and positivity for the world.” She went on to say, “I am proud to say I have been a full-time artist for the past two years and have exceeded the six-figure mark.” She also encouraged other creatives to follow their dreams “and exercise their gifts so they can shine and inspire others to do the same.”

Brionya is a very spiritual artist, and attributes a lot of her talents and creations to God. In fact, she classifies herself as a “God taught artist.” She explained to Voyage Houston, “As I create, I know that it’s not just me orchestrating the hues, the elements and overall vision that touches other people’s hearts.”

Brionya also talked about the growth as an artist and brand creator that she’s experienced along the way. She said that while all of it hasn’t been a walk in the park, the journey and its challenges has brought out the best in her and her work. One of the more recent attributions to her growth is Brionya James Creations. This is best described as a collection of spiritual paintings that summarize the themes she most often portrays; black divinity, love, reality and appreciation. 

Brionya’s work can be purchased on her website or The prices range from as low as $25 up to $2,000. 

-Blake Holmes