Tracy Feith: A Secret Fashion Society

Fashion has definitely evolved over the past few decades, Countless designers have come forward and captivated their audiences with innovative styles and designs. As time passes, some designers have found a way to reach their audiences with their creations: through social media. One of these designers is Tracy Feith, designer of Feith Club, although his methods of sharing his clothing is rather “secretive.”

According to his biography, Feith has been in the fashion business for over thirty years, so one can say he definitely knows his stuff. He has spent a lot of his time and creative energy collaborating with a handful of brands and creators until 2018. Just last year, he released his new women’s clothing line under the name Feith Club but with an interesting twist to it. The clothes could only be bought through direct messages on the popular multimedia-sharing site, Instagram. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Feith said he posted a dress he made on the brand’s Instagram page. “…In a matter of three hours, ten people had ordered the dress for $900 each,” he says.

He continues to sell his dresses through private DMs but has also launched an official website for the brand. The brand’s Instagram is full of pictures of both his beautiful creations as well as many of his happy customers. Of course, some of Feith’s dresses have been worn by A-list celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Olivia Wilde, and Kelly Ripa. The dresses heavily inspired by nature and definitely gorgeous to look at, almost like a painting in motion. Being a lover of pastel colors and flowers, I would have to say my favorite out of the collection would have to be the “wonder dress.” Just like its description, the dress has a romantic, almost fairytale-esque feel to it. It would definitely make any woman wearing it to look like a princess!

The dresses are considered “high fashion,” not only because of the high price tag, but because of their limited stock. It’s almost like buying coveted goods from a secret organization, which is definitely the vibe Feith is going for with his new line. Customers can buy beautiful dresses that are made in limited quantities.

Feith’s brand has definitely grown more popular because of his Instagram presence. One wouldn’t imagine that he only has a little under 4,000 followers. On the contrary, it’s possible that means he’s doing relatively well at keeping his “secret” but still keeping his brand alive. “The idea was that it really is a play on an underground society,” he says in an interview with Vogue. “If someone has a great dress, they don’t want to tell you anything about it.”

Overall, I commend Feith’s success on his brand. His twist on sharing his creations is definitely an interesting concept, something I had even thought of until I started learning about him. Those who wear his dresses have stepped into a secret world of sorts. The pieces are both vibrant and whimsical, which will definitely turn heads when shown off. The Feith Club brand has stayed alive and kicking thanks to his innovative mind as well as his play on secrecy, quoting from the popular novel and movie: “The first rule of Feith Club is: You do not talk about Feith Club!”
-Olivia Subero