Art Meso: Carnaval Couture

Can you imagine walking into an interactive museum-style art exhibit that meshes several different types of art and fashion, but reflecting one common theme?

I know a place where you can get a touch of Belgium, Spain, Amsterdam, Miami, Atlanta, and Ohio all at the same location from 10 different international and national artists. I’m talking about an unforgettable experience – supporting a great cause – that you will definitely want to see more than once.

From October 23rd to January 2, 2022 in Atlanta’s Buckhead Village you can experience the breath-taking world of Art Meso: Carnaval Couture. 

“Art Meso is a platform for all artists and creatives. We include culinary arts, technology, fashion, music, and many others. Our exhibits are what sets us apart – they are innovative, and the fusion of art, fashion, and the props tell a story that leaves our guests in awe,” said Jennifer Sutton, the founder and creative director of Art Meso.

This year’s theme is Noah’s Ark. The art + fashion exhibit will be open for ticket-holders to explore the sights and sounds of the Ark specifically focusing on three elements: the rainbow, the ark, and the storm.

José Luis Díaz Megia, the creator of the fashion house It-Spain is a featured artist for the Art Meso: Carnaval Couture show. Megia, who is originally from Madrid said he is excited about this venture and is grateful to have the opportunity to display his work on a different continent. And, when it comes to his project for Art Meso José described his strategy:

“First I made a very wide selection of looks to show the Art Meso team to see what fit them the most, and then I worked on each look to create a style that would adapt to the Carnaval theme…” the artist explained. 

“You can see 6 looks which are worked in an artisan way, with different techniques, materials, and fabrics but when they are seen together they give off the essence of It-Spain.”

Lisyanet Rodriguez, a Cuban multi-dimensional artist will also be featured in the Carnaval Couture show. Her project “Lily the Spinning Wheel,” will be included in all three elements of the exhibit.

“Lily was my mother’s doll when I was a little girl, she was just a face with beautiful glass eyes, until my grandmother created a body for her,” Lisyanet recalls. As a child she spent a lot of time with her grandmother who taught her how to knit, crochet and to use a sewing machine. Lisyanet’s Art Meso project includes a collection of about 10 two-dimensional dolls. The artist has a vivid imagination which plays a major part in her artwork. I spoke to Lisyanet on a Zoom call and she said it is important to her as an artist to make a connection with people through her artwork 

“It is important for people to take something from my work. They are supposed to feel something when they stand in front of my work,” said Lisyanet. 

All of the Art Meso artists bring something different to the table and they have their own unique style. But, just by observing the list of designers for the event and their work you wouldn’t be able to pinpoint an obvious pattern or a direct connection between the artists—besides their undeniable talent.

“I choose designers and artists by quality, creativity, and uniqueness.  Art Meso is a themed show and the collection of designs or art must fit the concept of the show. The very last deciding factor is if the designer or artist is easy to work with. I tend to avoid difficult personalities however sometimes it’s inevitable,” Jennifer reveals.

This year’s event will be hosted by FOX 5 Atlanta’s Tom Haynes and Actor Robert Christopher Riley. In addition, Art Meso has partnered with the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Fulton County Arts and Culture for the Carnaval Couture event.

Get your tickets, read more about the experience and the featured artists here:

-Jaya Franklin