Robert Peterson: Lighting a New Portrait

Creation benefits not only the artist; the audience also takes enjoyment from the dedicated passion that allows them to view the craft and a final product in a new way. The misconceptions of having to be classically trained as an artist, or that you needed to have attended the most well-known art schools in order to be successful continues to persist, despite that in the end, it’s pure talent, hard work, and love for the craft that drives success and fervor. 

No one knows this better than Robert Peterson, a figurative painter who concentrates on portraiture. Peterson said in an interview with the online artist platform ArtX: “I create because I love creating, it feels good and gives me peace, I want my viewers to feel the same way. I know my work will not speak to everyone but to those it does, I want it to speak so loud that they hear it for days after leaving the exhibition.” Peterson’s art does speak loud, but what also stands out is his approach on how to paint life.

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