Maynard H. Jackson Jr.: Atlanta’s Visionary

Known for his bold moves, big dreams and empowering vision, that led to Atlanta being called the city “Too Busy to Hate,” it’s no secret that Maynard Holbrook Jackson Jr. was a man with a mission. Having attended Morehouse College at only 14 years old and graduating at the mere age of 18, Maynard went on to become Atlanta’s first black mayor at just  35 years old. While exploring the entirety of Jackson’s life, the 2018 film Maynard: The Man, The Politician, The Game Changer focuses on Jackson as one of Atlanta’s biggest visionaries. Directed by Samuel D. Pollard and produced by Auburn Avenue Films, the 90 minute documentary explores how Jackson’s dreams, impact and legacy catapulted Atlanta into the major city it is today.

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